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Losing Revenue Due to Unscheduled Treatment Plans?

With SimplePay, your patients can say “Yes” to your recommended treatment.

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SimplePay offers a No-Credit Check, 0% Interest Financing program that will approve more of your patients and send you guaranteed payments for your treatment.

  • Hassle Free FinancingThere are no gimmicks, or hidden fees. All we need is a social security number, valid ID, an active checking account and a proof of income. Your patient is instantly approved for 0% interest financing.
  • Guaranteed PaymentsThere is no risk to you because we cover you for uncertainties. No matter what happens to the patient’s payments, we keep paying you – on time, guaranteed.

More satisfied patients means increased revenue

  • more patientsWith no credit checks and small down payments, your patients can afford your treatment, and they are able to add more treatments later. Result? You get more treatments completed and increased referrals from satisfied patients.
  • Increased revenueWith the help of SimplePay, you will create a growing revenue stream from patients who might have otherwise left without treatment. We are not just a financing company, we help grow your practice with innovative marketing and training.

Thousands of Dental Practitioners Love SimplePay

  • Dr. Shepard Dentist, Smyrna GA

    “Without SimplePay, we would have lost several thousands of dollars each month! I would highly recommend SimplePay to other providers!”

  • Dr. Clark Dentist, Chicago IL

    “My payments are always on time, even when the patients are missing payments! SimplePay delivers, and I will always continue to use them!”

  • Melissa Office Manager, Dallas TX

    “We have financed over 200 patients through SimplePay in the last 6 months! Our patients are treated great, and our staff loves their provider advocates! SimplePay is everything they said they would be!”

  • Cindy Office Manager, Valdosta GA

    “SimplePay allows us to approve everyone! Since we enrolled with SimplePay, we have financed over $200,000 and we have an excellent monthly revenue stream!”

SimplePay Fills the Gap in Patient Financing


Most patients get only 35% of the treatment covered through insurance, leaving them helpless, often without treatment.

Credit-Based Financing

Credit-based financing is a mirage for a lot of patients. Almost 7 out of 10 patients are not eligible for credit-based financing.

Cash Payment

Due to the high cost of treatment, most patients cannot afford to pay with cash. As a result, dentists often become victims of defaults.

We make patient financing simple, affordable and accessible.

How Does it Work?
Three Steps to Start Growing Your Practice


Provider Enrollment

To get started, you need to fill out an online enrollment form. Upon enrollment, you receive our free marketing kit, and specialized training to grow your practice.


Patient Enrollment

Patients fill out a simple enrollment form, and they get approved in less than 15 minutes.


Treatment & Payments

SimplePay debits the payment from the patients account and deposits the guaranteed funds to your account.

Simple & Transparent Fees

No hidden charges. We take 100% of the risk. You get paid even if we don’t.

Fees to Provider


Call to see if you qualify for a discount.

Financing Discount


Concerned about our fees? Here is a reality check.

You get access to the segment of patients who would otherwise never schedule your treatments, due to lack of financing

# Patients Lost per Month due to Lack of Financing

1 30 100

Average Treatment Balance

$500 $2,500 $10,000

# Of Patients who Accept SimplePay

1 10 100
Projected Revenue Lost Per Month $75,000
Projected Revenue Gained Per Month $25,000

SimplePay is one of the best investments you can make to grow your revenue!

Get Started Risk Free

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